About Us

Who Are Children Matter?

We are a coalition of people and organisations who are passionate about children and family ministry.

Together we major on three core emphases:

  • Inspiring the UK church…
  • Informing children’s workers…
  • Influencing Christian leaders…

…to make a difference in the lives of the next generation

Together we have four principal aims:

  • Empowering Advocates – growing the confidence of children’s workers and others to speak up on behalf of children
  • Equipping and Informing – providing easy access to training, experience and resources through a wide variety of media
  • Encouraging networks and partnerships – developing and supporting the growth of local and specialist networks
  • Enabling strategic thinking – pursuing cohesion in national initiatives

Out of our principle aims we have facilitated successful projects in the past that have empowered, equipped, encouraged and enabled children and family workers and Christian Leaders.

Those currently on the Executive group are:

Mark Arnold(Urban Saints), Alan Charter (Global Children’s Forum) Dave Gidney (Children Worldwide), Ruth Hassall (Birmingham Diocese), Kay Morgan-Gurr (Children Matter – chair) Sue Price (Hand in Hand Conference/Kingsway), Dave Roberts (Children Matter), Sarah Smart (Scripture Union)

We interact with varied traditions from across the spectrum of Christian orthodoxy. Our distinct contribution would reflect the evangelical tradition and we would affirm the Evangelical Alliance Basis of Faith

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  1. Who are you? That is good question? IT seems to me none your links are working. I do not see a statement of faith. A perspective of belief? or any reason why i’d be interested other than a good idea. Please tell me about you.

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