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Harry Potter and the Habitual Liar

Link: Harry Potter and the Habitual Liar. This is the perspective of London School of Theology lecturer Conrad Gempf. It’s well worth a read. Click the link above for more. And, as one untimely born, so also have I now read book 6: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. What

The emotional landscape of the child

Link: thinkchristian Dave Roberts comments on the wider background to the Harry Potter debate – see more at the link above. Stories are often a reference point for our internal thought processes and help colour our emotional landscape. As we read Harry Potter and interact with children who read the

Harry & JK – Corrupting the Spirit?

Link: Christian Today Subtle Seductions? With the hype surrounding the latest release in the Harry Potter books, once again the debate regarding the ethical values and spiritual indications of the book have once again been raised. Indeed the book did not need the extra publicity to allow it to become

Pastor Warns of Computer Games Impact

Link: Christian Today German media consultant and Pastor, Bernfried Schnell has urged parents to be more vigilant with the computer games they allow their children to play. According to Schnell 4 out of 5 young people between the age of 12 and 14 regularly play banned computer games. Speaking in

Spyware firms targeting children

Link: Earlier this year, researchers at Symantec Corp. wanted to see just how bad the spyware epidemic had become.  So they took a brand new PC out of the box, connected it to the Internet without any standard protection software and browsed. An hour later, they dissected the machine.

Can A Video Game Lead To Murder?

Link: CBS News Imagine if the entertainment industry created a video game in which you could decapitate police officers, kill them with a sniper rifle, massacre them with a chainsaw, and set them on fire. Think anyone would buy such a violent game? They would, and they have. The game

Making sense of children & culture

CULTURALLY-APPROPRIATE MEDIA TOOLS AS AN ENTRY POINT FOR EVANGELISATION In the secular world the impact of media on children is a global phenomenon. In UK, the average child spends more than 20 hours watching TV each week but less than an hour in any form of effective spiritual guidance.  In

The Star Wars Trilogy

Link: The Star Wars Trilogy. This could be a good resource for 11-14s The Star Wars Trilogy Howard Ingham £3.99  A Connect Bible Study Star Wars has captured the imagination of generations since it hit the silver screen in 1977.  Luke Skywalker, farm boy to Jedi Knight. Evil Darth Vader

For kids, danger lurks a click away

Link: MSNBC The Web can open up a fascinating world for kids, but in an instant it can also bring graphic pornography and sexual predators into your home. When it comes to your kids, reports "Today" show anchor Katie Couric, the most dangerous place in the house can be just