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Ten Christian Books No Child Should Miss

Link: Today’s Christian. What makes a children’s book worth reading? Angela Elwell Hunt, author of The Tale of Three Trees, makes this analogy. "Good books are like apples. In an apple, there’s a sweet meaning beneath the surface story. People find all sorts of meaning in the story, and the

Film giant puts its money and faith in religion

Link: Telegraph     The creation of Fox Faith reflects Hollywood’s growing desire to tap into Christian audiences and the religious community’s increasing influence on popular culture, as devout churchgoers reject as unsuitable many mainstream cinematic offerings. "There is an under-served market that is hungry for this type of high

LICC on the End of Childhood

Link: Childhood’s end.     The problems, it seems, are numerous: junk food, clever, cynical advertising, sedentary, screen-based entertainment, over-competitive schooling, threatening public space, devalued parenthood, lack of time with adults. Such a list may sound very miscellaneous, but in reality these disparate factors are connected by this single thread:

Bishop warns of Halloween ‘Climate of Fear’

Link: Christian Today     The Bishop of Bolton claimed that those who sell traditional Halloween merchandise, such as scary masks, are creating a ‘climate of fear’. The Rt Rev David Gillett has written to the UK’s five biggest supermarkets urging them to rethink the way they market the pagan

Modern life ‘poisoning’ childhood

Link: BBC NEWS | UK      Childhood creativity is being stifled by a combination of junk food, school targets and mass marketing, a group of authors and academics has claimed. Dozens of teachers joined children’s authors and psychologists to write a letter to the Daily Telegraph. The signatories highlighted