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A child’s questions and your responses

Link: A Personal Approach – Children’s Ministry.       Scripture offers assurance that kids can enter an authentic relationship with Jesus. You probably even know of examples that show children do commit their young lives to Jesus. So the question becomes how? Many children’s ministries answer that question with clear

Exodus – a new resource for you

Link: CPAS      The new CYFA resource Yeah, but…! is now on The Hub website. Produced by a team of writers including Head of CYFA, Geoff Harley-Mason and Head of Pathfinders, Ruth Hassall, the new resource offers eight Bible-based teaching sessions looking at the book of Exodus. You can

Evolution – teaching kids, yes or no?

Link: Evolution – teaching kids, yes or no?.     I recently did a lesson that compared creation with the various theories that are out there – evolution included and encouraged the biblical world view of course (i.e. that God is our creator) I had a parent object to teaching

Is Sunday School Working

Link: Is Sunday school working? Well, let’s rephrase the question. Is the Sunday school system resulting in effective education and implementation of God’s truths in kids’ lives? All too often, the answer is no. So, why isn’t Sunday school’s vast commitment of human and financial resources more closely reaching

Alternative Halloween Ideas

Link:       Teach your children about Jesus with this Christian alternative to Halloween Jack-O’-Lanterns During this time of year, you can teach your children about Jesus with this Christian alternative to Halloween Jack-O’-Lanterns. You’ll need grubby clothes, a pumpkin to carve, a carving knife, a large spoon, and