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Parents key in faith formation

Link: Guardian Unlimited . The study, based on a 14 years of data from 10,500 households, found that parents played a powerful role in the transmission of religious belief. But even if both parents held strong beliefs, there was only a 50-50 chance that their children would carry on believing.

What are you reading with your kids?

Link: What are you reading with your kids?. The experts all agree on the importance of reading aloud to children, whatever their age. As parents, we agree wholeheartedly, and not only because it improves their vocabulary, comprehension, and attention span. What better way to spend time together, spark imagination and

Split Family Ministry – 10 key questions

Link: Children’s Ministry Magazine. Recently, CHILDREN’S MINISTRY Magazine asked what the most-asked questions about split-family ministry are. Not only did they want the questions, but they also wanted the answers to help you-their reader-reach out to these hurting children. Here are the questions I respond to over and over as

Have you smashed the TV yet?

Link: Have you smashed the TV yet? Provocative stuff – click the link above for a discusssion forum, helpful quotes, web links and more Thanks in large part to the technological revolution, obesity in children has reached epidemic proportions. Parents everywhere bemoan the filth kids are exposed to on TV,

Are kids being drugged into submission?

Link: Are kids being drugged into submission?. What’s behind the explosion in Ritalin prescriptions? Are you a parent or teacher who doesn’t see any alternative? Have you been pressured to have your child diagnosed and treated? What is the best help for a rambunctious child or one with a short

Free Activities for Children by Email

Link: Weekly Whatnot It doesn’t take much to make childhood special and memorable. Your children don’t need the best toys money can buy—a bit of paper and glue or a walk in the park will do. Browse through our treasure chest of fun, simple, constructive activities for children and sign

The ACTS prayer and your child

Link: Way to pray – Parenting. How to make the ACTS prayer method accessible to your child. By Greg Asimakoupoulos When Norma Steven’s four children were younger, she had a clever way to make them mind their manners. Using the tune to "Jesus Loves Me," Norma would sing, "Please and

Families are the faith nurturers

Link: Children’s Ministry Magazine. Families are the most effective faith-nurturing center for children. Discover how you can help families plant seeds that’ll bear long-lasting fruit–from the new book The Dirt on Learning. By Thom and Joani Schultz Growing up on a farm, Joani learned early the meaning of faith. Each

Equipping a parent for spiritual nurture

Writer and researcher George Barna has provoked much debate in the last 12 months with a provocative call for for churches to make children their number one priority. Writing in Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions he asks some tough questions. In this sample from the book he examines the role