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Family experience can reverse genes

Link: ScienceDaily      A U.S. study suggests early family experience can reverse the effect of a genetic variant linked with depression. University of California-Los Angeles researchers found among children from supportive, nurturing families, those with the short form of the serotonin transporter gene — 5-HTTLPR — had a significantly

Family Activity Organiser Aids Domestic Church

Link: Scripture Union 2007 Family Activity Organiser A family activity organiser full of many exciting and useful activities. Seven activities to do a week – a bible passage, Tearfund story, prayer, church, learn and remember activity. Packed full of creative prayer ideas, quizzes and puzzles focused on God. With space

Connecting Church & Home

Link:     Almost every Sunday, Mrs. Anderson drops her daughter, Katie, off at your class. Katie’s an eager learner, but that’s about all you know about her. You wonder about Katie’s home life. Does she apply the lessons she learns in church at home? Does she realize that