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Inside the mind of a Tweenager

Link: Welcome to The Barna Group!. We vacillate between feeling sorry for children growing up in today’s challenging world and harboring envy over the opportunities and advances that characterize modern life. But the children themselves are pretty clear about what does and does not work in their lives. A new

Music may help children’s memories

Link: Music may help children’s memories Music training is a good ‘bridge’ activity into your local community. Church children are also more immersed in music than most which makes the aricle below that much more interesting – click the link above for the whole article. Parents who spend time and

Fuzion Frenzy is a ministry resource!

Link: Children’s Ministry Blog     I have found the single greatest children’s ministry game that X-Box has ever made…FUZION FRENZY!!! It combines the qualities of being an extremely simple game to control (I play it with 5 year olds) as well as being highly entertaining.  It includes more

Ministers to Plan Mission-Focused Sports Games

Link: Christian Today       The Association of Church Sports and Recreation Ministers (CSRM) has organised a one-day conference at Bethany Christian Centre, Houghton-le-Spring, Durham, taking place on 11 November. The conference will focus on how churches can create an effective mission-focused sports game plan. Entitled ‘Effective Sports Ministry in