Helping Children in Need

Link: Building Strong Towers.

   The Evening: Will present four different training workshops designed to help you walk alongside children who face a tough time. Choices: You can choose one 90 minute workshop out of the following four subjects:

• How to tell Bible stories creatively and with interaction
• How to use the book and its supporting notes to support children
• How to support children who are bullied and struggling with life at school
• How to support children in families

The author Robert Harrison and Sue Phipps, who wrote the accompanying notes for using the book, will be at most events. NCH will be leading the Family workshops.
The Bullying and Living in Schools workshops will be led by Scripture Union Schools staff. Various agencies who support children will be at each event along with comprehensive resources and a bookshop. Each event will be staffed by a local minister and refreshments will be provided.

Dates and further information at the link above

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