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If we only worked with children whose spirituality was identical to ours, that wouldn’t be a problem (except for the fact that it would prevent me from developing my own discipline of prayer). But there will, inevitably, by children in our Sunday School rooms who encounter God in different ways, and so it’s important not only to play to your spiritual strengths, but to try to develop the parts of your spirituality that do not come as easily to you.

Here are some ideas and resources that have been helpful to me in praying with children.


The “God the Father” song. I haven’t been able to trace the original author of this idea, which has become very popular on many websites. It’s sung to the tune of “Frere Jacques (Are You Sleeping?),” and is a useful way of introducing young children to the concept of the Trinity and to the sign of the cross, using simple words, movements, and a familiar tune. We use it at St George’s to open prayer time with our younger group.

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